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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you print t-shirts for me?

We do not print t-shirts at Double Dutch Press. We are a fine art printmaking studio and while we do screenprint, we are not equipped for commercial t-shirt printing. We focus on flat stock printing which is a little different. There are great businesses here in Athens that can print your shirts for you such as: Shirtworks, Satisfactory, Ruby Sue Graphics, and Uber Prints.

Can you make digital prints of my art work/photos?

We do not offer those services. We focus on traditional printmaking techniques including woodcut, linocut, etching, and screenprinting. We recommend that if you want digital prints of your photos or artwork (giclee, or inkjet, prints) that you reach out to someone who specializes in that. Again, there are great local businesses that offer these services including Bel Jean, Athens Blueprint, and Kristen Ashley Artist Shop.

Can I print my own linocut/screenprint/woodcut/etching at DDP?

Indeed! If you are already familiar with printmaking and need a place to print, we are a great solution for you. We offer press/vacuum table rental by the hour, half day, and full day. We also carry a great selection of papers and inks for the mediums we support (relief, and screenprinting). If you are new to printmaking, or just need a refresher, we will be offering a rotating roster of workshops and are also available for one on one instruction.

Do you rent screens for screenprinting?

We do. We rent screens for printing on-site at Double Dutch. We offer two screen sizes: 20″ x 24″ (mesh counts: 158, 230, and 305) and 25″ x 36″ (mesh counts: 158 and 230). 20″ x 24″ are $20 for the first day and then $8 for each day thereafter. 25″ x 36″ are $25 for the first day and $12 for each day thereafter. We coat, burn and reclaim these screens for you. Rented screens cannot be used off-site.

Can you clean my screen(s) for me?

Yes. We offer screen cleaning for $6 per screen.

Can you coat and expose my screen(s) for me?

Yep. We can coat and expose your screens for $10 a screen. We also offer the whole shebang of cleaning, coating & exposing for $15 per screen.

Are there any screens you won’t clean, coat or expose?

Great question! We absolutely won’t mess with Speedball screens. They are hard to coat, expose and clean. We also will not work with Yudu screens. They are not meant to be used with anything other than Yudu products and they are hard to clean, coat & expose. If you bring in a wooden frame screen, please understand that wooden screens warp over time from moisture and become hard to expose accurately. We try to ensure the best/most crisp exposure, but a warped screen can hamper that quality. We highly recommend aluminum frame screens: light, affordable, and long lasting. You can order great screens online for reasonable prices from suppliers such as Pocono Screen Printing Supplies.

What file types do you accept for positive printing?

For one color images we accept: pdf. psd. ai. jpeg. Files with color layers we accept: psd. ai should be separated into the individual layers and also be all grayscale black. All image sizes should be the size you would like them to be printed and at a resolution of 300 dpi. Double check your files. We will not alter anyone’s files in any manner. What you send is what will be printed as a positive, but ONLY if all layers are in grayscale black.

Can I print on my own screens at DDP?

You sure can! We offer screen services and rental, but you are not obligated to use those to print here. Our vacuum tables can accomodate screens up to 25″ x 36.” Please keep in mind that we are a water-based screenprinting shop and are not set up to support plastisol or solvent based screenprinting. 

Can I receive instruction in a printmaking technique of my choosing? 

Yes! We offer a rotating roster of workshops and are also available for one on one instruction (phone: 706-546-0994, email:, or stop into the shop: 1377 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA).