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Workshops: Double Dutch Press is convinced that the inclusivity of printmaking is one of its best features. We are excited to teach workshops that foster that idea and show people all of the amazing things anyone can produce in a print studio. Our workshops are designed as introductions to various printmaking techniques in relief, etching, and fine art screenprinting. They are appropriate for for all levels of artists. If you are looking to enroll one of your little ones in a class, we do request that they be 12 and up. The roster will vary monthly. You can check our calendar here or browse our Workshopssection to purchase a spot in an upcoming workshop today.

1on1 Instruction: If you are looking for 1on1 Instruction or specific help with a print project, feel free to get in touch with us via email (, phone (706-546-0994), or drop into the shop (1377 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA 30606).

Press Rental: Double Dutch Press accommodates relief, etching, and fine art screenprinting. You can rent our presses or vacuum tables by the hour.

Etching/Relief press rental: $30/hour includes ink.

Vacuum Table & Screenprinting Set-ups: $20/hour includes ink.

We have 2 vacuum tables (that accommodate screens up to 20 x 24″), printing set-ups for screen size 25″ x 36″, and 2 etching presses (used for printing relief as well), a Whelan XP Pro (soon to be a Conrad Combination Press) and a Madison. The Whelan can print a matrix up to 26″ x 46″ and the Madison can print a matrix up to 18″ x 26″.

If you require a set of “clean hands” (a print assistant) during your rental time, please let us know in advance. We will be happy to help. Our “clean hands” rate is $35 per hour.

Cancellation or changes in press rental time must be confirmed with us at least 24 hours in advance. Art for screenprinting must also be received 24 hours in advance to allow for positive printing and screen burning before your arrival to print. Thanks!

Feel free to email us (, drop by the studio (1377 Prince Avenue, Athens GA 30606), or give us a call (706-546-0994) to get press or vacuum table rentals scheduled.

Screen Services: Here at Double Dutch Press, we know how hard it can be to reclaim, coat, and burn screens at home. So, for those of you who still want to print at home (or here, you just aren’t obligated to do so) we offer screen reclamation and coating and exposure services. You can have your screens cleaned here and be on your way, or opt in for the whole she-bang. We can accommodate standard commercially made aluminum and wood framed screens ranging from 20 x 24″ to 25 x 36.”

*Please note that we do not reclaim or coat Speedball or Yudu screens. If you are in the market for screens, we recommend ordering them from Pocono Screen Printing Supplies. We do not sell screens or rent ours for offsite use.*

It is $6 per screen for cleaning, $10 for coating and exposure, and $15 for the full suite (printing of art not included, $3 per 13 x 19″ positive).  Please let us know if you will be printing with non-water based inks.

*Please note that screen turnaround will generally be two days for cleaning, coating and exposure to allow for appropriate emulsion drying time.*

Screen Rental: We rent screens for printing on-site at Double Dutch. We offer two screen sizes: 20″ x 24″ (mesh counts: 158, 196, 230, 305 and 355) and 25″ x 36″ (mesh counts: 158, 230 and 305). 20″ x 24″ are $20 for the first day and then $8 for each day thereafter. 25″ x 36″ are $25 for the first day and $12 for each day thereafter. We coat, burn and reclaim these screens for you. Rented screens cannot be used off-site.

Look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!